Wake up without Taking Coffee

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do you struggle to be active or wake up without that cup of coffee? Has it become so difficult to have high energy levels without taking a latte? As much as coffee has absolute health benefits like antioxidants, the caffeine is a cause of a vicious cycle that may eventually cause fatigue to your body. Caffeine is a stimulant to your adrenal glands, which makes you “wake up” for a short period. During this period, your body is under a stress reaction to energize. However, the grumpy feeling comes back immediately your liver finishes to metabolize the caffeine. The vicious cycle begins all over again and this is how your cup of coffee has become more of a drug. But are there other ways you can “wake your body” and be energetic the healthy way?

Every day when you wake up, you obviously have gone at least 6 to 8 hours without water. Inevitably you are dehydrated and feel sluggish. Your body requires water to continue body processes and compensate for the time you were asleep. This means that you should take at least a glass of water immediately you wake up to avoid continued sluggishness. Alternatively, you can take a cup of herbal tea with a little lemon to restore your digestive process.

Exercising is another excellent way of picking yourself up and get your blood to flow. It really does not have to be a rigorous activity. It can be a simple 30 minute aerobic session from a home workout video or a brisk walk to work. Exercise surprisingly stimulates serotonin that helps in promoting your mood and starting your day with a smile.

As is the habit of many, do not skip breakfast before beginning the day. Of course the time to sit down and eat is mostly elusive. Wake up at least 30 minutes to one hour earlier to prepare breakfast or warm some food from the previous night and take it for breakfast. Avoid the habit of eating “something” in the morning. By this I mean the three slices of bread and a cup of tea or the one huge *mandazi and some black tea. These make you spike your sugar levels for just 2 hours, after which you feel super hungry and sluggish again. Instead, eat breakfast like a king for you to “wake up” fully.

If you feel it is still difficult to let go the taste of coffee, sipping on some herbal coffee can ease the transition. Herbal coffee supports your digestive system by improving metabolism and helping your liver to detox. This makes you to avoid the vicious sluggish cycle caused by heavily caffeinated coffee.  So wake up, avoid the coffee and get your energy levels the healthy way without the constant struggle.