Thinking About Drinking Your Vegetables/ Fruits?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Can fruit and vegetable juice really sharpen your edge and fight disease? In the recent past, juicing has gone from a novelty practice to a national phenomenon. Everywhere you look there is a juice distributor, vendor or company popping up all over the market. These juices are not the normal orange, pineapple or passion juice, but an incorporation of vegetables, fruits and herbs like ginger, Beetroot and other special ingredients. The juices are said to fight cancer, diabetes, digestion, weight and even general body weakness. While it is difficult to argue against the benefits of eating vegetables and fruits, drinking them is another story. Is juicing really necessary? Is it the solution to bad health or just another fad diet?  Here is what you need to know.

  1. Vegetable juicing can be more psychological than physical. This is because there is no scientific evidence to show that it is healthier to drink more vegetables than eat them. However, if you hate to eat vegetables, taking them in juice is a certain substitute, although not constantly.
  2. Cooking vegetables mostly reduces their vitamin and enzyme content. Drinking juice made from them not only preserves enzymes, but also allows your body to absorb all the necessary nutrients. When you juice, you mostly take in one or two types of vegetables or fruit at a time, making digestion speedier. However, pick the right ingredients. Some vitamins are best absorbed as juice such as vitamin C and B from citrus fruits and bananas. Others like vitamin A, E and K from carrots, kales and tomatoes for instance are best eaten.
  3. Moderation is key while juicing! Despite the fact that the juice is from raw food products, it is best not to live on it alone for longer than 3 days. For best results, a 250 milliliters of juice a day is enough to complement your diet. If your preference is fruit juice, limit your intake because it increases your sugar levels hence risking you to contract Diabetes!
  4. Taking juices that have many combined ingredients really does not make diseases go away. It does not also put any particular ingredient as a magic reliever of the many diseases. Rather, it can be equated to simply eating the ingredients one by one.
  5. The only time you should juice for long is when you are detoxing. This should not be more than 2 to 3 days with an exit plan that in most cases should be change of diet practices. If you decide to juice for more than 3 days, complement it with other foods in the diet for ultimate results. This is because juicing can cause excessive hunger and lead to overeating hence not sustainable alone.

If you currently have some health issues, consult a doctor before self-guessing and learn the right regimen for you before committing to a program which you will be disappointed about.