The Truth Behind Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements in Health and Nutrition
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The average modern day diet leaves a lot to be desired. An average plate could lack in a number of nutrients that include vitamins A,C and D  as well as minerals such as calcium and potassium and therefore result in “hidden hunger”. It is no wonder that many results to supplements to get the full nutrition that is required. Some just take supplements not just for what they are missing but for a health boost as a preventive measure.

I mean, getting nutrients from a tablet is easy and effortless. This is the story of supplements and alternative medicines. They range from tablets to syrups and shakes that are supposed to help us improve our lives nutritionally. However, supplements do not deliver on better health all the time! Some are dangerous especially if taken in high amounts without an exit plan.


The truth is, there are several encouraging stories about supplements to those whose bodies are not respondent to natural foods! Vitamin D is said to prevent illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and even colds. Omega 3  is also in the list for prevention of cardiovascular ailments and providing immunity among other uses. Vitamin C  and E  prevent cancer and the list goes on. While this is true for those who require these special remedies, caution is inevitable when choosing to supplement your natural foods for whatever reason.

Recent studies indicate that intake of too many supplements causes toxicity in the body and leaves a patient as if he or she is “addicted” to these drugs. For example, Vitamin E that is useful in protecting the heart may cause a risk for bleeding stroke if taken in large quantities! VITAL (vitamin D and Omega 3 Trial) as is common among people benefits from strong bones and teeth as well as immunity boosting. However, it should not just be taken as a leisure drug. Vitamin D is best for people facing osteoporosis i.e. bone problems especially the elderly, or for people living in regions that are free from sunlight for long periods. Omega 3 as well, should be taken sparingly and should feature mostly in cases of low immunity although it can be used constantly when children are growing up.

In other words, supplements are only best if your body cannot take in the natural form of foods! Once the body gets used to supplements of a certain food, it easily rejects the natural form of food. If you are on a supplement, there has to be an exit plan from it before it becomes a drug that you are addicted to.

To get your nutrients, strive to first consume food in its natural form before you can look for a supplement to complement your food! At the end of the day, you can never quite supplement the natural form of fruits and vegetables all in one pill. Taking a high amount of supplements causes toxicity and causes side effects. Before you can settle on taking any supplement, make sure that you have consulted a doctor who can tell you whether your body is irresponsive of the natural form of foods and needs to be supplemented. Otherwise, you might be digging a deathbed for the rest of your life.

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