Nutrition and Breast Cancer

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We are sadly living in a society that seeks to monetize each and every single problem that you can name! The mention of a cancer diagnosis has left medical practitioners wagging their badges at how much they would earn from any cancer patient. From the doctors who practically seem to only care about how much they make from therapies, to quacks who shove their suddenly invented new super foods that cure cancer overnight to desperate individuals, the confusion is utterly sad.

Although almost over, October is a breast cancer awareness month, and I have recently had some interesting conversations surrounding why some women will just not go get tested, either because they are too afraid or are simply uninformed! Alarming as it may sound, most people believe that what they eat could potentially pose a risk of contracting breast cancer. While I tackled the subject of whether or not the food you eat could cause cancer on this article: it’s important to weigh in on crucial facts surrounding breast cancer.

Research shows that there is a definitive link between cancer risk and what you constantly eat. That being said, if your aim is to sidestep breast cancer or prevent it from recurring, then you need to ensure that you are garnering up on preventive nutrients that can ensure that you are successful.

One of the strategies to prevent cancer is to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese risks development of breast cancer and the recurrence thereof. If a cancer survivor gains excess weight during or after breast cancer treatment, there is a higher chance of the disease recurrence. Weight can therefore, be maintained through proper lifestyle changes in diet and exercises of choice.

In the same breath, delving into a plant-based diet as opposed to animal products ensures that you can at least be at a lesser risk of contracting breast cancer by at least 15%. Plants, including fruits provide a diet high in fibre as well as antioxidants which ensure that you can reduce the recurrence of breast cancer and any other form of cancer.

It is essential to note that there is really no scientific evidence that specifies any super food or supplement that can lower the risk of breast cancer or its recurrence. You can entirely change your lifestyle by adopting healthier eating habits that incorporate whole grains, vegetables and fruits. You may need to incorporate more of folate, calcium and Vitamin A as you recover from breast cancer all depending on an individual.

While there is still a lot of inconclusive evidence specifically between diet and breast cancer risk of contraction or recurrence, as a rule of the thumb its always vital to remember to:

Keep your body weight in a healthy range

Include more fruits and vegetables on your plate

Limit saturated fat intake to about 30 grams per day

Eat food rich in omega 3 fatty acids

Avoid processed, charred and smoked meats

Limit the intake of alcohol

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