How To Eat That Chicken

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Chicken is the talk of everyone whenever eating meat the right way is a subject of discussion. Today you can get the chicken anywhere from restaurants to your mama mboga at home or your favorite butcher. It is no longer that expensive nor rare to get chicken in your diet. Just yesterday, I sought to indulge in a wonderful chicken salad and got to think the many ways I consume or prepare chicken. Is there a difference when I fry it or grill it? Is it healthy to eat just some parts of the chicken and leave others? Is the Kienyeji chicken better than the broiler chicken in Kenya? Would I rather eat red meat than the chicken? I sought to answer this pool of questions in my head.

Surprisingly, some of the chicken is fed with fattening elements that may cause harm to your body if taken constantly. While that is a subject for another day, how you eat chicken is of importance! There are some parts of chicken that are nutritionally better than others. The way you prepare the chicken also dictates the number of calories in the chicken dish. For example frying chicken with sugar and other fat ingredients makes it equitable to eating the red meat you want to avoid.

In history, there were myths that a woman was not allowed to eat a certain kind of chicken part while other parts belonged to the man. The bottom line is that these men must have known that the chicken legs have myoglobin that is rich in iron and zinc.  While the wings subject is also another subject for another day, it is vital that you take out the skin from chicken because it has a high content of bad fat.

Therefore know that chicken gives you a great source of protein and other minerals like potassium and calcium. The way you cook the chicken does not make it healthier! The same way you find chicken rolling on a dice in many fast food joints in town is the same nutrients you will eat when you cook it at home. The best way however to have healthy cuts of chicken is by grilling it or baking it. This way you do not have to add lots of fat while preparing it. If you choose to marinate the chicken before cooking it, do not put out fatty ingredients to it. At the end of the day you need to probe your source of chicken because you could very well be eating harmful substances used to grow it faster. You could end up preferring red meat instead! Look out, #AskTheNutritionist.