How To Manage HIV with Food

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The thought of being tested for HIV can be the most traumatizing thing let alone waiting for the results! The reality of how life might just change is nerve wrecking, mind fatiguing, terrible and the superlatives are endless. Many think that being HIV positive is typically the end of life, but it’s just the beginning of being sure of behavior change, what you eat and how to take care of one’s body overall. Having HIV puts you at a great risk of contracting other diseases like diabetes, cancers, heart diseases and other inflammations. This is why nutrition is vital for anyone who knows he or she is HIV positive. In the first place the virus causes a person to start wasting and get other infections. This depends on the stage of the disease. After a test, a clinician in most cases begins on antiretroviral drugs depending on the disease progression. The drugs however do not eliminate wasting. A person thus has got to be sure of how many times they are eating to improve on their energy levels. The best diet for a person living with HIV includes one that is high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. These help in increasing the energy levels and repairing of tissues in the body. One other vital component in the diet has got to be lean sources of protein. This is to ensure that the person living with HIV is not faced with issues of high fat in the body which may lead to heart diseases. Of course not to forget the good fats like avocados, sunflower, canola and olive oil help in ensuring that the incidence of nausea is curbed out.  As well, a limit on the soft drinks and other sugar additives should be done to ensure that diabetes can be maintained. Even though you forget to do everything else, it is vital to incorporate snacks in between meals since a person living with HIV requires high energy to sustain the antiretroviral therapy. A balanced diet at all times is also inevitable to ensure proper body health that helps in fighting immunity. When feeding becomes a challenge, common issues such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting may cause difficulty. If you are faced by such problems because of the side effects of the drugs, proper nutrition as discussed above becomes even more crucial. This is done through increasing energy levels and other vegetables in the diet to fight the disease. As many may say, like any other disease you can easily manage it through deliberate decision to watch what you eat. Remember, it is a journey for which you require guidance despite all the challenges you may face. I know you have questions, post them here.