Does Slimming coffee Really work?

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Q:Can drinking coffee really help you lose weight? I’ve heard that caffeine triggers fat burning.

A: I have come across several people asking me about the slimming coffee craze! Because caffeine is a stimulant, many people think it can increase metabolism and help you shed extra weight, but there’s little proof it has a significant effect. Recently, several so-called “slimming” coffees have hit the market. These products are typically a combination of regular ground coffee and herbs or supplements touted as appetite suppressants, such as hoodia, guarana, hydroxycitric acid and guar gum (a type of fiber). “Little is known about the safety of these additives, and there’s no evidence that any of them aid weight loss. So do not take them while aiming to loose weight and then you get dissapointed. I would like to hear your encounter with these coffee brands. Post them here!