The High Cost of Fast Food

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Somewhere in the World, a chick is being raised in a confined chicken coop getting ready to be bred fast enough for consumption in the city, suburb or else. The chick, growing up when packed tightly with others, demands of high doses of antibiotics to ensure it grows up fast, fat and immune from all diseases. She is therefore pumped and looked after with “good medicine” for her to become “fast” food. The waste she produces goes to become fast manure for some kales or spinach in the same confined place that also becomes “fast” food for the high demand in the country. When the rain comes, the quick manure is drained through to the river that provides fast water that continuously afflicts the human population and so on and so forth.

Horror stories from the food industry have been constantly on the news with some ugly truths about how food is produced. Things have become much faster and will become worse as the time goes by. Just who is to blame? Ourselves I say! It is interesting how you will spend about 200 shillings for example, to buy a half raw chicken on the street than have some greens growing on your balcony for the same price. In any case, when work happens, we tend to go for the faster food that we eat on the “go” without stopping to consider how the food was produced. We hear of how chicken are bred with the wrong antibiotics, but still buy from dealers we really are not aware of how they breed their chicken! The stories about how some cow’s milk is modified with chemicals but we still drink it anyway!

It is true that most of us never stop to think where our food really comes from as long as we are satisfied! But is it worth the years we may spend in hospitals in our later lives? Everyone today keeps wishing we could go back to how our forefathers lived. A healthier, strong and very fulfilling life! We tend to eat traditional like they did, but traditional today is not their traditional that had no chemical additives! Our food system has got to change if at all we want to invest in future health. Think about it..Do you really know where your food comes from or you just eat? Can you do something about it? #AskTheNutritionist