High Fat Foods,No cholestrol-The Maasai Community Secret

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Every day in today’s hospitals is a day to treat heart disease, high blood pressure, high weight issues, and clogged arteries all due to high cholesterol diets that people have resulted to.

However, this is not the case for the masaai people that eat highly unhealthy foods that consist of milk, meat and blood almost on a daily basis! They exhibit no signs of cholesterol or lifestyle diseases that translate to heart issues and diseases.

 So do you want to know their secret?

Being pastoralists, like most of the people their worst problem is diseases and poor nutrition and high child mortality not to mention sanitation issues. They are however free from lifestyle diseases which every person can actually emulate!


1 1.Physical exercise that is the wonder drug

Life is good to enjoy but without physical action there is definitely loss of health. The masaai though enjoy milk and meat but they still have to walk into the forest to look for firewood and other feeding material for their animals! They go around fetching water and utilizing the meat and milk they take to prevent heart diseases! So while we wonder why they have such nice postures as to keep one leg lifted from the ground for such long hours we should remember the technology we like to have to ensure convenience in our lives.

2. Cosmetic resolution

Today we have had to hear about the best lose weight options that range from the gym to other parlors that claim to help a person lose weight in matters of hours! The bottom line is you need to practice the following:

  • Unglue the bum out of your comfortable seat and do some exercise.
  • Take stairs to 10th floor instead of using a lift.
  • Instead of going shopping by a car, just walk or cycle.
  • Limit the time spent on the coach watching TV, instead, either engage in trimming the fence, cutting grass or playing with kids.
  • Banish the customary mentality of mature men and women are not supposed to be seen running. Take a few runs around the estate every day, either in the morning or evening.
  • Visit your relative on foot if they live nearby. Walk to church etc.
  • Finally, as a last option, join the gym not as a show of how loaded you are, by as a means to physical fitness for the sake of health.
3. The miraculous herb

I know you must have been wondering what makes them so healthy after all! Well, the masaai have a certain herb they always enjoy from barks and leaves in addition to the milk and meat they eat. The plant has chemicals that are an important part in preventing their heart diseases. This herb is called the olkinyei or the jacket plum. This plant significantly lowers cholesterol since it has polyphenols, phytosteroids and other water soluble fibers, antioxidants, flavanoids, all of which beat cholesterol taken in significantly!


So is this herb available in the market? Unfortunately you have to visit them to find it! Take that trip.