Diet that Beats Diabetes

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That excessive thirst, feeling very hungry despite eating to satisfaction, complaining of an often call of nature, loosing or gaining weight all of a sudden are among the complaints list of many today. While most people are unaware of what is going on and keep living without paying attention to these changes, this could be the lead to a death bed. Diabetes, has come about in Kenya today as the leading cause of death for many. Elevated blood sugar goes unnoticed when symptoms check in and are disregarded as elements of a “busy” life or normal fatigue.

Research carried out by the Kenya Diabetes Management indicates that the real number of people living with diabetes is unknown and people only realize their status when it is too late. But just how does diabetes come about? Is it about eating “sweet” and “sugary” food stuffs? No! Diabetes is a condition whereby the body does not regulate the sugar stored as glucose in the blood. When you consume food rich in carbohydrates for example, rice, potatoes and ugali, your body breaks them into sugars. These sugars are transported by the blood to the rest of the body for use as energy. To regulate this process, the hormone insulin is responsible to ensure that the process is successful. If a person’s body does not make this insulin or does not respond well to insulin, blood sugar increases automatically thus causing diabetes. Your normal sugar level should always be between 3 to 7 mmols as per the Kenya Diabetes management institute. It is not therefore about sugary food but excessive of glucose stored from the food we eat mostly carbohydrates. All is not lost I say. You can manage your sugar levels by the food you eat. It all goes back to the habits and practices you uptake…. Buy your copy here or call me on 0775350722>>