Detox Machine that performs cleansing magic?

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There has been a recent craze in Nairobi Salons about these detox amazing machines that clean you out through your feet and make you “whole” again. The foot spas claim to remove toxins through the feet and you find your toxins in the bowl after cleaning for about 30 minutes. But is this true? Do toxins flow because of this machine to the basin and clean you out?

So I decided to try it and make myself subject of the toxin removal process. So just like I had been told that the water would change colour it did! But were these really toxins? The answer is no!

The foot bath detox consists of a tub in which you place your feet. The tub is filled with water and then an electrical current is sent through the water. The claim from the makers and practitioners who use this product is that the electrical current causes the cells of your body to release toxins and that these toxins are then, somehow, drawn out of your body through your feet. The release of these toxins then supposedly turns the water different colors depending upon which toxins are being released.

Obviously, there is a reaction happening in the water since it changes colors drastically. Many of the people who have this done are quite convinced and impressed by this color change. People who use the foot bath detox will tell you that they have more energy and that they feel invigorated by the treatment. So, what is going on here? Is the color change really caused by toxins being released from your body? If not, what would account for the obvious change in water color?
The reaction is a simple hydrolysis chemistry reaction between the fats and mineral salts found on the skin of the feet. The hydrolysis of the water by the electrical current causes a soap-like reaction that changes the color of the water. The color change depends upon the type and amount of salts and fat the person’s body excretes. This accounts for the differences in color from person to person.

So is this helpful?
These baths simply provide an alkaline environment for your body that help the body to feel invigourated and create an immune environment to diseases but only for 48 hours! So I felt energized as if I was from a massage but thats just because your body needs to thrive in an alkaline environment everytime as much as possible!

So yes you can go for one but do not be lied to that toxins are flowing out of your body to the bath and the darker the water the more the toxins that come out of your body!

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