Why You should Go Organic

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When many hear about eating organic food, many think it is a boring thing let alone eating healthy. Going organic in your diet means consumption of food that has been grown void of fertilizers and other pesticides. I sought to know whether in Kenya there is an organic food spot and sale of food products that are affordable.

I was excited to find one bridges restaurant in Nairobi that was an all organic food place! All the food served here is in the right portions and is right from farmers who have embraced organic farming done by the Kenya Organic Agriculture Network. My selected meal was some brown rice with chicken stew and some vegetables, all organic which I enjoyed to the last bit!

So you ask why would you consider to be careful to buy organic food?

Here are the benefits:
The biggest health benefit of organic foods is their lack of pesticides. Pesticides can cause nerve damage, birth defects, cancer, and other health problems depending on their chemical makeup. Pesticides can be washed off of produce, but that still doesn’t make them entirely safe.
The health risks of pesticides don’t solely remain with consumers either – anyone involved in the growing process of conventional produce are likely to be exposed to pesticides. They can then affect others they come in contact with. This can cause serious health consequences including long term neurological problems.

Organic meat and dairy products have been shown to have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for our bodies. They can help reduce inflammation, improve cardiovascular health, fight depression, help with ADHD, Alzheimer and other mental disorders, and even improve prenatal health.

Now when shopping in Kenya you can look out for the KOAN mark of quality for example to know whether food sample is organic or not. Taking caution to include organic food in your diet can also include:

  • Growing your own food samples in your backyard whereby you add no fertilizer or pesticides
  • Buying food only from organic dealers not just food shown to be locally grown.
  • Ensure you look at the labels carefully when buying from supermarkets to allow for best results.

Now you know, if you cannot be able to buy it, you can visit the Bridges Restaurant in town or UpperHill for a treat you have not had in a while. The food there is sumptous yet healthy!

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