Weight possible?

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Yesterday I laughed my head off as I watched churchill show with Eric Omondi, Deejay soxxy and masanduku giving a good laugh about their weight! I heartily laughed since I bet they probably have no problem speaking about it, But I imagined a girl who had self esteem issues and needed to gain that weight to feel beautiful! Or a guy who felt he cannot be seen in the world since he believes he is not worth while!

Mmmh as a nutritionist I felt duty calling to these people and thought to do a change diet habits topic this week on gaining weight.
It is a myth that people say their bodies cannot gain weight as much as they eat enough food. While weight and genetics is somewhat connected. It is a myth to think that you cannot gain weight or loose it if you kept yourself under a watch. Funny enough the slim people tend to eat alot to gain the weight but with failure! You are what you eat I say, and the quantity of food never measures the quality of food.

To begin with, I will engage you in a small exercise so that you can know whether you need to gain that weight for:
a) self esteem
b) To be able to donate blood
c) To gather immunity in your body
d) To ensure that if you are planning to be pregnant(for women) you have the right weight! some women may ask whether it really matters but yes it  does!

So now I want you to visit that weight master you pass along your way home and take your weight in kilogrammes. In the house or in the office stand against a wall and have your friend mark your height and take this measure in metres. Yes it is the common BMI measure.

Take your measurements and divide the kilogrammes with the meters squared.

This calculation you have made is known as the BMI measure. Well, it does not tell the whole story of your weight issues but yes, this is a start!

Okay so what did you get from your calculations?

check against this standard index:

BMI measure Standard meaning
Less than 15 Severely underweight
15 to 18.5 Underweight
18.5 to 24.5 Normal weight
25 to 30 Overweight
30 to 35 Moderately obese
35 to 40 Severely obese

Now if you got anything below 18.5, it means severe case of underweight and it beyond 30 then, it is a severe case of overweight!  What next? This week we focus on improving diet habits so as to gain the weight back and range the calculation from 18.5 to 24.9! Get ready and keep it here on the first step!