Green or Red Apple?

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An apple a day to keep the doctor away is a very well-known adage. Apples definitely are among the favorites of fruits when you go to the market.But what exactly is it about this much-lauded fruit that is good for your health? As it turns out, quite a lot – apples can positively impact the condition of your bones, your respiratory system and other crucial organs inside your body.

Here are a number of ways that apples benefit the body:

Teeth: Since apple is a hard fruit and if eaten uncut, it stimulates saliva production in the mouth, which in turn reduce the chances of tooth decay be caries and lowers the level of bacteria. Also biting and chewing on apple makes teeth self cleansing.

Cholesterol: Apple is again rich source of soluble fiber. This soluble fiber binds with the fat cells in the intestine and thus helps in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. Since we all know how bad cholesterol can harm the cardio vascular system of the body. Thus eating apple is very good for cardio vascular health too.
Fighting Cancers: An  Apple is a very rich source of trierpenoids . This compound has natural anti cancer growth activity. This compound help fight the free cells in the liver, breast and colon which can turn cancerous. Thus eating apple does reduce the chances of cancers in colon, breasts and liver.

Type 2 Diabetes : Though it helps in both sexes but the result in women are more. Those women who eat atleast one medium size apple a day have more than 25% less chances to develop type two diabetes.

Weight:  To control weight a high fiber diet is advised by most doctors and since the apple are one of the richest source of fibers, thus they are very good for keeping your weight down.

Liver: What ever toxins a body consumes, it is excreted through the liver. So most doctors advise a rich fruit diet for the liver. And apple is the best fruit for the liver detoxification.
Cataract: Since apples are rich source of anti oxidants and anti oxidants are suppose to fight cancers and studies have shown that people those who eat apples regularly have more than 10% less chances of developing cataract. Thus apple is very essential for the health of the eyes too.

So the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away is not wrong since apple is so rich in nearly everything good for the body and has countless health beneficial ingredients.

But which is best? Red or green?

Green Apple:
 • less sugar, less glucose
 • less antioxidant
 • Eco-friendly looking
Red Apple:
 • have varying amounts of poly-phenols
 • strong antioxidant
 • anti-cancer compound
So, if your having a per-diabetes or diabetes then green apples are the perfect choice to eat. With its less sugar and less anti-oxidant then this type of fruit will keep your tummy full and having no doubts in eating this.

The red apples are the perfect one for those who are on diet. These apples can keep you on the go with lots of sugar content that can be used as a alternative as your regular unhealthy snacks.

 But the green as opposed to the red has the following extra benefits:

It is known to cure diarrhea, constipation especially in children and the fiber that it provides can help you to have a regular bowel movements. it also enhances memory and cures rheumatism an preventing gall stones.

 Make that choice!